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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

So I have seen ROTF twice (so far).  I don't know if I am surprised or not at my reaction to the plot of 'killing' Optimus.  It's the weirdest thing.  Its very similiar to when I first saw the cartoon movie way back when.  It's a delayed response.  I remember we went to eat at McDonalds (funny I remember that!) before we left the city and I just started to cry out of the middle of nowhere.  Ok so I was like 10 I think.  It's much the same with this movie and how old am I now?  :-P  Play that Linkin Park song or Green Day and I'll no doubt be in tears. 

I think it has to do with how much Transformers meant to me when I was growing up.  I *know* that sounds ridiculous!  Really its just a cartoon.  (Yeah and that is why I've cried my eyes out at Sailor Moon and Gundam Seed. :-P)  I never even had the Optimus G1 toy.  -_-  But I still have Blaster and Soundwave and Ravage (much to my cousin's jealousy! He always wanted Ravage from me. :-P)

Really it is an obvious plot, it's like in the older Star Wars books, Luke always got injured in some ways in order to take him down a notch, or something like that.  And I read on wikipedia that Optimus is really expensive to CGI (not saying that the rest of the characters aren't) so it was a way to not have to CGI Optimus.  I'm quite sure they have constructed something resembling Optimus for the scenes when he was dead, so to speak.  Isn't it always better to make everything as real as they can, instead of CGIing everything?

I haven't read the novelization yet, but someone on Genvid used the term stasis lock.  Yes I suppose you could argue that it was stasis lock, but it wasn't the same concept as in Beast Wars.  Then you could argue that Megatron was in stasis lock at the bottom of the ocean.

And its not like its the absolute best movie I've ever seen.  And although this one was better, there were still some issues that remain from the first movie.  Can you tell them all apart and can you hear them all - I mean the Transformers?  And I must admit that there is a part there when someone in the military is yelling at the commander saying 'Incoming transmission from Autobots!'  (or something) that it sounds just a little ridiculous!  Like it doesn't belong in the same sentence with anything military!  

It doesn't help that its the same voice from the cartoon - Peter Cullen.  What an awesome voice.  And as a total aside, that Soundwave is so cool!  I'm on the hunt for the toy!  (and AGAIN how old am I?) 

I don't know if I actually have anybody that will actually read my LJ as I don't update a lot. I know I'm on some friends lists.  I think.  Just felt it was better to put this here then on genvid.



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